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Keep Your Business Guest Ready With Restoration and Safety Services From Groutsmith Carolina


Cleanliness is the number one driver of guest satisfaction in many industries. So don't let discolored tile and grout be mistaken for for a dirty or unclean business, make sure to hire a commercial tile and grout professional in CHARLOTTE, ROCK HILL, FORT MILL AND SURROUNDING AREAS who can handle your needs quickly and properly. Business owners in the area choose Groutsmith Carolina to restore their businesses to like new condition, and help them put their best foot forward. You should, too.  

Reach out to us right away to learn more about the services we provide

Hotel / Hospitality Floor & Bathroom Restoration

Constant room turns that transient hospitality business generates can take an enormous toll on on hotel rooms and common areas. The Groutsmith Carolina can utilize our thirty plus years in hospitality services to quickly restore your tile and grout to like new condition. Most rooms and common areas are back in service within minutes not days. Let us show you how far we can stretch your capital budget this year.

Anti-Slip Treatment

Groutsmith Slip-Resist treatment was developed to improve the coefficient of friction on tiled areas that are slippery when wet. This treatment is excellent for shower floors, bathroom floors, porcelain bath tubs, public areas, public restroom, exterior tiled areas, locker rooms, pool areas and any tiled area that safety from slipping is a concern. Slip-Resist works by creating microscopic pores on the treated surface, that will create a vacuum or suction effect when wet, thereby reducing the risk of slip and fall injuries.

Restaurant Floor Restoration

Constant contact with water can erode grout and stain or loosen restaurant kitchen tiles. The Groutsmith Carolina can quickly and safely replace damaged grout with cement, and your kitchen can be back at work 30 minutes after the work is completed. Replacing your damaged grout with our cement solution is a permanent repair that prevents water pooling and tile damage.

Floor Tile and Grout Restoration and Preservation

We use our proprietary line of professional products to clean and restore floor tile and grout to like new condition. Cleaned grout can then be preserved and/or restored with our Clear Sealer, Color Sealer or our exclusive Restoration Sealer. Our Clear and Color Sealers are guaranteed for one year.

Floor Tile and Grout Repair

Experiencing cracked or damaged floor tile and grout? We can repair or replace any damage you’re encountering. Joints and angles designed to allow for naturally-occurring expansion and contraction are repaired with acrylic grouts to allow maximum flexibility for movement without cracking.

Wondering if The Groutsmith can help you solve your business needs? Click here to contact the Groutsmith, or give us a call (803) 659-5915

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